Headaches In Children: The Culprit Cause Headaches For Children And Solutions

Headache in children is very common. It occupies with 90% in shool age children. But no all parents understand this disease.

People do not think that headache occur in children, but in fact, it is very popular. About 20% childrens from 5-17 age experience heachache every year. Therefore, if your child tells you that he or she has a heachache, you do not be too careless.

The cause of headache in children

Children experience headache for some reason such as:

  • Stress
  • Crying too much
  • Child does not eat, or does not eat well
  • Dehydration (causing headache in children and adult)

To determine the cause of heache in children, you need to understand about the types of headache commonly.

The common types of headache in children

There are two type of headache: primary headache and secondary headache. The specific information of these types in children include:

Primary headache

Headaches and migraines are the two most common types of primary headaches. Frontal headache are very popular in children and adolescents. It lasts for only a few minutes. Headache is often described as a tight feeling on the sides of the head, sometime in the forehead and neck, or both.

About 10% teenagers experience migraines. Headache often occur suddenly, pulsating pattern and often headache on one side. Some children can pain on both sides. The development of pain can last for hours, sometime all day. Nausea and vomiting often combine with headache.

Secondary headache

The cause of secondary headache in children:

  • Injuries in the neck
  • Problems about sinuses, eyes, teeth, ears or other organs.
  • Depression slightly or seriously
  • Infection

Sometimes, headache in children can be a sign of tumor. Therefore, you should pay attention if children tell you that they have a headache.

Cluster headache

Cluster headaches often occur in children over 10 age. Headache often begin in one side, appear suddenly with strong intensity. Firstly, it occurs in and around eyes, then spread the half of neck, face and head. The pains often last for one week or one month. If children have a headache, you will find that the painful side of children have a blocked nose, red face, constricted pupils, droopings eyelids, bulging eyes and other symptoms.

The home remedies to get rid of headache in children.

The remedies to get rid of headache in children include:

Acupuncture and massage

If children have a headache due to stress, children should take a rest.

Ibuprofen or acetaminophen Analgesic is often used to treat headache in children. However, you should not use aspirin for baby. The best way is to ask your doctor before using any medicine for children.

To treat migraines, doctor prescribes Antofan for children. Antofan is safe and effective medicine for children. This medicine will help relieve pain, control symptoms of vomiting and nausea.

Sometimes, using the wrong medicine also cause headache in children. Therefore, you should ask doctor before using any medicine for children.

Some natural herbs to help headache relief in children:

  • Chamomile has the effect to treat and prevent migraines.
  • Inhaling lavender or eucalyptus oil helps relieve headache.
  • Cloves also have pain relieving properties. So You should add clove in children food or chew them .
  • Cinnamon has the effect to reduce stress. Parents can add cinnamon into a glass of warm milk to help less pain in children.
  • Peppermint oil has the effect to soothe the nerves and symptoms of headache. Taking one or two spoons of peppermint oil mixed with almonds, rubbing the temples for treatment.

These measures do not always work. Iff you are not sure, you should take children to doctor for properly treatment.

When should you worry?

Headache in children is caused by migraines, stress and dehydration. However, if children have the following symptoms, you should pay attention:

  • Loss of conciousness
  • Persistent pain
  • Serious pain
  • Occur regularly during the month
  • Children often have a headache after getting up and even the pain does not disappear though children have had enough sleep.
  • Headache often combines with symptoms such as fever, neck pain, nausea, vision loss,…

If children have symptoms, you should take to the hospital to treat properly.

Headache symptoms in children

Each type of headache will have other symptoms. However, symptoms mainly differ from intensity of the pain, duration as well as effects that it brings to daily activities in children. For example, migraines often is combined with:

  • Vision loss
  • Sweating
  • Nause and vomiting
  • Sensitive with light and sound

The symptoms of tension headache

  • The pain can occur from mild to moderate and dull
  • The pain often occur both sides
  • The habit of children changed
  • The pain in neck and shoulder
  • The following symptoms show that headache is a sign of serious disease.
  • Headache frequently
  • Severe pain suddenly
  • Headache after waking up
  • The pain can be serious when children cough, sneeze or move the head.
  • The pain can occur from mild to moderate and dull
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Vision loss
  • Personality change
  • The legs become weak and difficult to move
  • Epilepsy

How do you prevent the headache in children?

You can prevent the heachade for children by the following solutions:

Children should not be exposure with loud music or bright lights and avoid excessive stress

Children should have enough sleep, because lack of sleep is the cause of headache in children.

If children have a migraine, you should keep the surrounding as quiet as possible.

Fear and anxiety often cause headache. Therefore, let children do some breathing exercises or meditate to relieve stress.

Children should eat nutritious foods such as: fresh fruits and vegetables as well as avoid foods too much fat.

Children should drink many water to prevent dehydration headache.

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