Osteoarthritis painkillers

Osteoarthritis painkillers are known for instant arthritic pain relief, but if you abuse them for a long time, they will have a negative impact on your health status.

To tell the truth, osteoarthritis is a common disease amongst ages, affecting our activities of daily living. However, many people are still so subjective that they use osteoarthritis painkillers to reduce their pain instead of going to see their doctors. After a long time using osteoarthritis painkillers, not only has their osteoarthritis yet to be cured, but their health even grows worse with kidney, liver and stomach problems.

Common osteoarthritis painkillers:

As a matter of fact, osteoarthritis painkillers such as Paracetamol, Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), and Corticosteroids are widely used by many people thanks to their fast effectiveness.

  • Paracetamolis a familiar painkiller to many people. It is effective in easing slight and moderate pains or pains without inflammation. In general, if you use this drug in a safe and proper way with a standard dose, it is relatively mild and benign to your health.


  • Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)have strong anti-inflammatory effects, so their pain-relieving effect is more powerful compared to Paracetamol. ¬†In fact, you can use NSAIDs in lieu of Paracetamol when Paracetamol has no effect on your pains.


  • Corticosteroidsproduce an amazingly fast pain-relieving effect. You will feel very good when taking them at first, but then you need to increase the dose to see its effectiveness.

In general, all of the aforementioned painkillers can help reduce your osteoarthritis pains, but overdose will bring about detrimental effects on your health. Therefore, it is necessary for you to consult your doctor or druggist when using these painkillers. If you use them at home, you must strictly follow the dosage instructions attached to the drugs.

The risk of drug dependence

an in depth guide to the proper use of painkillers things to remember 1

Many people overuse painkillers with the hope of a more far-reaching pain-relieving effect. Nevertheless, the frequent and inappropriate use of painkillers will lead to tremendous consequences for their health and even make them become painkiller-dependent.

On top of that, deleterious effects due to improper use of pain relievers have been reported recently. In particular, the repeated use of high-dose painkillers like Paracetamol can cause liver damage and even death. This risk is more considerable for those who drinks alcohol heavily

Taking an overdose of NSAIDs can result in stomach and duodenal ulcers as well as kidney damage. Besides, corticosteroids can make users dependent on the drug: when the users stop taking corticosteroids, they will show signs of fatigue, loss of appetite, and painful joints.

In short, you must remember that painkillers only “obscure” the symptoms. Painkillers cannot treat the root cause of your disease. ¬†Therefore, using painkillers for osteoarthritis pains is only a temporary solution and you should not abuse it to avoid serious consequences.


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