The Secret To Relieve Headache And Migraine Effectively, Safe Without Pain Relievers

The free radicals are produced constantly by endogenous( body’s metabolism) and exogenous(stress,toxic food, chemicals,..). They increase white blood cell activity, initiate inflammation, and proce vasodilators.This condition occurs excessively, damaging the vascular endothelium leading to vasomotor disorders, causing cerebral blood vessels dilate, changing extraordinary and causing headache. Moreovers, free radicals also cause a series of othe neurological and cerebrovascular diseases such as insomnia, memory loss, neurodegeneration( like Alzheimer’s)…and especially stroke.

The addition of free radical scavengé has recently been recommended by scientists to prevent and reduce migraine attacks. It is very important in the journey to find safe pain relief solutions, limiting dangerous side effects for people who often use fast and strong drugs for headache pain relief.

Recently, thank to the advancement of molecular biology, American scientists have found two precious natural biological active ingredients Anthocyanin and Pterostilbene in Blueberry (from North American). It was proven to use anti- free radical effects. These “golden” active ingredients have the ability to pass the blood brain barrier, neutralize free radicals in the blood vessel, slow down atherosclerotic plaque formation, thrombosis, improve headache and migraines effectively and prevent stroke. From this studies, american scientists found a formula once again that combines Anthocyanin and Pterostilbene(from Blueberry) with Ginkgo Biloba ( including high levels of flavonoid and terpenoid- this is trong antioxidants to contribute anti-free radicals) to create OtiV. OtiV is proven to be highly effective and safe in free radical neutralization, antioxidant, neuroprotective and anti-aging. It also helps to improve headaches, migraines, insomnia, cerebral ischemia, memory loss and reduce the risk of stroke safety and effectively. Besides, it also helps to relax and improve high quality of life.

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