Tips to strengthen the immune system during COVID-19 season

During this time, workers who have to work in the outside environment are at high risk of infection because they have to come into contact with the community such as shippers, drivers, sales staff, etc. Moving to many places, through many areas epidemic areas plus erratic weather, making them the most susceptible to infection.

How to strengthen resistance during the epidemic season

Whenever you feel like you’re under stress, try breathing deeply and getting outside to avoid stressors. You can reduce stress with activities such as journaling, yoga, exercise, etc. When you have a difficult problem, you can share it with friends and relatives to release emotions. If the news of the pandemic makes you anxious, limit your update time and switch to more positive content such as health care knowledge, funny stories, etc.

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Healthy Habits

A healthy immune system requires balance and harmony. In particular, healthy habits play a role in improving the immune system and many other health benefits.

Every part of the body, including the immune system, works better when it is protected from the negative effects of the environment and is supported by healthy habits such as: getting enough sleep, washing hands properly, bathing During the epidemic season, you should limit exercise in crowded areas such as gyms, yoga centers, parks, etc. Safe exercise.

Besides building good habits, you should also give up bad habits that are harmful to health such as smoking, choosing fast food, drinking a lot of alcohol, etc.

Immune boosting nutrition

Those with weak immune systems should ensure immune-boosting food groups such as fermented foods, healthy fats, and plant foods.

Fermented foods including yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir and natto can help immune cells distinguish harmful microorganisms. The healthy fats found in olive oil and salmon can boost the body’s immune response to pathogens. Plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, tubers, berries, seeds, and legumes are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that can aid in disease prevention.

In addition, you should drink a lot of water and limit sugar during the epidemic season. Diets that reduce sugar intake can reduce inflammation and disease risk. Along with the daily diet, people with weak immune systems should supplement with vitamins to help increase resistance such as vitamins A, D, C, E …

Although the epidemic is still complicated in many localities, if you invest more in your health, you will reduce the risk of infection. Each of us needs to have a sense of responsibility to the community to prevent epidemics by complying with the 5K recommendation of the Ministry of Health. In particular, people with weak immune systems must strengthen their resistance to be able to fight pathogens that are increasingly contagious with many new strains.

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